Yea, u can say boys & bands are really my thing

When i grow up,and have my own family,and my daughter or son likes a band,
I’ll let him/her go to every concerts and fan gathering wherever part of this world or country it may be. I’ll collect albums and merch with her. I’ll let her wear band shirts or any band merch she wants. I’ll buy her VIP or M&G tickets, and specially i’ll do whatever it takes just for her to meet them. I won’t care about the price, all i would care is how happy she will be when she get to meet them and i’ll never regret my decisions because i know those memories that she’ll have won’t compare to the price of what i would pay. Because i know, those memories that she’ll have would be the most precious memories she’ll kept for the rest of her life. Those memories would be the memories that she’d tell her children and grand children about, And those memories would make her look up into the sky and whispher thank you’s to me. And i’d do all that because i know the pain. The pain that you felt when you don’t get to go to concerts and gatherings. That sharp shooting pain that you feel when you realise you’ve got no chance on meeting them. That pain sucks. That pain is the worse. That pain tears and shatters every fangirls heart. That pain is what i call reality that wakes me up from my little world of fantasy.

Amnesia (Calum Hood imagine for anonymous)

"I love you (Y/N)… to the moon and back" I heard Calum say through the phone. I let out a soft giggle and replied to him "I love you too Cal… to the moon and back" "Good, because no matter what you do, you’re stuck with me" his laugh filtered the other line and i can’t help but smile and blush at his statement. "Anyway, bye for now babe, i’ll be there in a while. Love you, see ya later!" "Be careful! See ya later too. Oh! and, i love you too Cal" he giggled and hanged up. Still can’t believe that today is the celebration of our 4th year anniversary. It’s like yesterday t’was the day i met him at a signing downtown, and now we’re here. Being in a relationship with Calum is actually, bittersweet. I know some may think our relationship is flawless or perfect but sometimes we also fight. but it’s ok, cause we always laugh at each other at the end of every fight. Everythings always been forgotten and its always sugar coated with laughs and sweet i love you’s. As i spend my days with Calum, i prove myself that i can never be with any other man but him. He makes me happy and makes me feel loved… He just knows everything about me and i think there’s no other people in this world that’ll love me and know me like Calum does. I just love that boy so much. Of course, not because he’s in this popular band but because, he is Calum. I love every bits and pieces of him. I actually love him more than myself. And i’m glad that i’m with him because for me, being with Calum is just the best in all the best in this world.
My thoughts are suddenly interrupted when i heard my phone ring. I looked at it and saw an unfamiliar number.
"Hello? Uhm do you know Mr.Calum Hood?" I heard a lady asked through the other line.
"Uhh yes, i’m actually his girlfriend,who’s this? How’d you get my number and why are you-
"Sorry to interrupt you miss, but i just called to say that your boyfriend is here at the hospital right now. He’s been in a car crash as a drunk driver hit his car." Tears started to form in my eys as she said those words.
"U-uh… where’s that hospital? Is he ok?" I asked with a shaky voice. tears suddenly started to fall.
"We’re ctually near downtown, and he’s still in the operating room with the doctors."
"Ok, thanks. I’ll be there in just a while. Thanks for calling."
"Your welcome ma’am"
I can’t help but break down as i hanged up the phone. Uncontrollable sobs escaping my lips as i loudly cried then and there at the staircase. Is this really happening? After all those years, is life really taking the only man that loved me with all his heart away from me?
After a couple of seconds. I stood up and went to my car and drove down to the hospital to where the lady said to me. When i arrived there, i rushed inside to the counter in the front and asked for him.
"He’s in the second floor dear"
"Thank you" i went to the second floor tears still falling from my eyes.
"Hi, i’m (Y/N) and i’m looking for Calum Hood"
"He’s still in the OR. Maybe you can just stay and sit at there for awhile sweet heart. Maybe calm your self down a little bit. They’ll be out in a while too" The nurse said with her soothing voice.
I took a deep breath and answered “Thank you” with a forced smile.
So i did what she said and sat down at the chairs near the wall. I took some deep breaths and called Joy, his mum.

"Hey sweetie, what happened? are you alright? why are you crying?"
"I’m at the hospital near downtown right now. Calum had been in a car crash and right now he’s inside the OR and i’m here alone and i didn’t knew what to do, I’m so worried right now and i’m starting to have panick attacks and-
"H-hey, calm down (Y/N)…. he’ll be fine. I know my son, he’s strong, he can get through this. I’ll be there in a while."
"O-okay, we’re at the second floor, by the way. Right now, i’ll just call the boys and tell them about what happened."
"Ok, just stay calm sweetheart and we’ll be there in a while" she said as she hanged up the phone.
I called Luke then Ashton then Michael. They are all shocked about the news and they told me they’ll be here too. After a couple of minutes, Joy arrived with Mali and Cal’s dad.
"Hey" Mali greeted as she hugged me. She held me in her arms and soothingly rubbed my back as i cried.
"Is there any relative of Mr. Hood here"
"I’m his mum, please tell me what happened to my son" Cal’s mum said to the doctor.
"The operation has been successful, he just broke some bones specifically in the arms and he also had wounds at his head and right now he’s in a deep sleep but not that considered as coma. He’ll be up in awhile or maybe in the next day, we still have to do some tests to him so he’ll stay here in a while. "
"Thank you doctor"
"You’re welcome ma’am, he;ll be transferred in a room later"
The doctor said finally the he left.
"he’ll be fine (Y/N), he can get through this." Mali said as she rubbed my arm.

After some minutes, we went to the cafeteria to get coffee and after we’re done we went upstairs.Cal was already transferred into his room when we arrived.
"Hey, come inside so you can see him" Joy said
"Y-yeah sure."
As i opened the door, Joy easily closed it behind me leaving me with and Calum only. My heart shatters in to pieces when i saw him laying there. He’s left arm and head had bandages. He has some wounds at his other hand and he’s peacefully asleep on his bed. I went near the bed and sat at his side i held his right hand as i gently hugged him.
"You’ll be fine Cal, I know you’ll be fine. You’re strong and i know you can get through this…"
I took a deep breath and rubbed the back of his hand gently.
"I love you Calum Thomas Hood… and i’ll stay here until you wake up because like what you said, im stuck with you, no matter what happen… Goodnight baby" I kissed his cheek and went at the little sofa at the room. I positioned myself at the little sofa and slept. My slumber was suddenly ruined when Ashton poked me on my sides.
"He’s awake" he whisphered at me. I quickly stood up and went to his bed
I saw him sitting up and he was talking to his mum and to Luke. Joy noticed me and motioned at me to go near there.
i went to him and hugged him tightly but not so tight that i’ll hurt him. I was shocked when he didn’t hugged back so i looked at him.
"Hey Cal"
"Uhh, hey? Why are you hugging me? Who are you?" he asked
I stood there shocked as if the words he asked me doesn’t even exist.
" Oh my god" i heard Mali mumbled at the side.
"Call the doctor" Cal’s dad said to Mikey
Calum’s doctor went in and we were told to go out of the room for a while.He examined his head and did dome tests. After a while the doctor went out.
"The way he hit his head must’ve affect his brain and sorry to say, but Calum right now has Amnesia."
"I-is it permanent?"
"Well, we’ll have to undergo some tests to know, but right now my best advice is, don’t force him to remember everything he has forgotten. Let him develop or remember it one by one instead"
"Okay… Thank you doctor"¬†

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Luke Hemmings imagine part 2 :—)

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That night, Luke tried to call me but i rejected all of his calls. He even tried to text me or voicemail me but i never answered back. I just cry myself to sleep that night.
It’s been 2 weeks since that happening and i still haven’t talked to Luke. He even tried on calling me through his bandmates phones, but i always neglect the call. The past weeks were just spent on my bed with some food, movies and tissues on the side. I haven’t got out of bed if it isn’t on purpose. And today, this is one of those days, So here am i, watching ‘The Notebook’ for the nth time until i heard the doorbell rang downstairs.
I fixed my hair bun and wiped my eyes a bit before proceeding downstairs. I looked at the peep hole at the door. And there stood a red eyed grumpy Luke.”(Y/N) i know you’re there and i know you hate me, but please open the door” Luke said with a shaky voice. I grab a hold on the door knob and took a deep sigh before opening the door.”What do you want?” I asked in a harsh tone.”Can we talk? Please…” “And why would i talk to you? huh? After kicking me out of your house and calling me a bitch, you’re expecting me to talk to you? Well, sorry Luke, i can’t” I was about to close the door, but Luke blocked it with his feet “Please (Y/N)… Please…” He pleaded pushing the door slightly. “Go away Lucas” I said while trying to push the door once again. He pushed the door open and led himself in. “Get out Luke!” I yelled at him while grabbing his arm leading him to the door. He was so strong that he didn’t even moved from his place. “Go away!” I yelled at him annoyed. He just stood there as i attempt to get him out of my house. I can feel the hot tears falling through my cheeks. Small sobs escaping my lips as i attempted to get him out. He grabbed my arms and pulled me to his chest. I tried to get away from his arms but i was so weak. So i just tried to hit him repeatedly on his chest. “Let go of me Luke! I hate you! Go away” I cried while hitting him on the chest. I keep on hurting him until i heard a sob escape from his lips. I looked up and i saw him crying.”Im s-sorry… okay? I know i was a jerk for kicking you out and for calling you a bitch, but i’m so sor-
"Sorry, wouldn’t make everything better Luke" " I know (YN) but- "Shut up Luke! Get out of my house before i kick you out!" "Just listen to me first (Y/N)" "No luke…. Did you listened to me on that day? Did you even tried on getting on my side to know my whole side of story?! No, you didn’t! You didn’t listened to me… Instead, you defended her. You let her ruin our friendship… Did you know how painful was that for me? This friendship is the only thing that mekes me happy. No. You’re the only one that makes me happy…. Because, I love you… And knowing that you found a girl on your tour breaks my heart because i’ve been here the whole time and you-
I was suddenly cutted off by Luke pressing his lips on mine. Our lips synced perfectly like it was meant to be. After a couple of seconds, we parted from each other but Luke put his forehead on mine while holding me close.
"I love you too, you idiot. I was just afraid to said it to you because i thought you didn’t love me back… So, while i was on tour, we went to this place and i met Jane and i kinda liked her so i thought why not use her to help me to forget on what i felt towards you… But i failed beause i’ve loved you with all my heart…And you never will understand how painful it is to be away from you. To be on tour without you… I love you (Y/N) and knowing that you loved me back is the greatest thing in this world, But knowing that you aren’t mine would be the worst, So (Y/N) will you be my gir- "But what about Jane?" " I broke up with her, She’s a bitch anyway" a chuckle was released from me and Luke as he said those words.He suddenly held my hand and looked me in the eyes.
"So, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked with a confused look on his face.
"I’d love to, you dork"